Let's Get Clean !

Turnpike Car Wash offers FREE Turbo Vaccuums, and 24hrs Self-serve wash bays. Get really clean, try Platinum Wash today!

<strong>FREE</strong> <br> <small>Turbo Vacuums </small>
Turbo Vacuums
That’s right! FREE vacuum station. 15 double hose single-row turbo vacuum spaces that are hooked. Read More
<strong>$5</strong> <br> <small>Car Wash </small>
Car Wash
With free vacuums and this crazy low $5 Basic wash option, there is no reason to neglect your investment. Read More
<strong>Featuring </strong> <br><small>The Platinum Car Wash</small>
The Platinum Car Wash
Go Platinum when you want a deep cleaning and extreme shine! This is the Gold Wash plus. Read More
<strong>Self-serve Coin-op</strong> <br> <small>Wash Bays and Vacuums</small>
Self-serve Coin-op
Wash Bays and Vacuums
For you do-it-yourselfers we have this for you! Five self-service power wash bays and coin-op vacuums. Read More

Welcome to Turnpike Car Wash!

There’s something about driving around in a clean shiny car that just feels good. So, start with our FREE Turbo Vacuum! Yes free. We purchased the best vacuums available to help you clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle.

Then proceed to our automatic wash. We wash vehicles starting at only $5 dollars! What? Free Vacuum and Wash for only $5 dollars? What a deal! Many of our customers travel over 20 miles for our wash.

For the ultimate clean and shine, get our Platinum Wash, our best wash! Platinum includes everything from Wheel Brite, Special Presoak, Underwash, many polishes and tire shine. Most importantly, the application of Carnauba wax by ArmorAll is applied. To protect your vehicle for the ultimate shine and protection.

Our Wash options range from only $5 to $22. All vehicles are towel dried by hand at the end of our automatic wash. We also offer a free towel station for your use for any touch up you may want to do.

For your convenience, we have 24/7 coin operated self-serve car wash bays and vacuums too! In addition to our car wash services, we have a Propane Fill Station open 7 days per week.

So, come in and check our FREE Turbo Vacuums, our Platinum Wash, as well as other wash options starting at only $5. What a deal at Turnpike Car Wash in Peabody, MA. Remember, when your car looks good, you look GREAT!

Free Turbo Vacuums, $5 Car wash & Platinum Wash!


Monday thru Friday
7:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday : 8:00am to 7:00pm

Sunday : 8:00am to 6:00pm