About Us

Turnpike Car Wash has been in operation for many years. We have grown from a one car wash operation here in Peabody, MA to a two car wash business with another facility in Leominster, MA. But since customer service is our #1 priority we decided to handover the Leominster operation to a new owner and focus more here on Peabody.

  • We recently remodeled our 130 foot conveyorized tunnel with new Glasboard’, lighting, driers, pumping systems and an arch that dispenses ArmorAll Extreme Shine Wax that bubbles out the product.

  • We’ve lowered pricing of our basic wash from $9 to $5, and the other prices as well including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. 02
  • The remodel, also included our dominating element of the 15 double hose turbo vacuum spaces that are hooked up to a central vacuum unit and are FREE to customers. 03
  • Our history and tradition continues providing the best possible car washing experience and services to our customers at the best prices. 04