What? Free Vacuum and Wash for only $5 dollars? What a deal! Many of our customers travel over 20 miles for our wash. We chose to make our Turbo Vacuums FREE and it has become wildly popular with our customers. Vacuums galore! We have a single row, 16 double-hose turbo vacuum spaces that are hooked up to a central vacuum unit. Customers can open both doors on both sides of the car at the same time. Each turbo vacuum are 12 feet apart and are controlled by two twin 40-hoursepower turbines. One of the turnbines runs until it hits 50 percent capacity and then the second turbine kicks on. That second turbine will also shut off if capacity decreases. So we figure 3.5 to 4 horsepower per open hose! Our Turbo Vacuums are a visual winner! The line of vacuum arches and sure to catch your attention from Route 1 South and Northbound, too! And each arch has double LED lighting strips to show them at night. So, FREE vacuums and wash for only $5 dollars? You betcha!